2014 RMEC Gathering: The Role of the Church in Recovery

June 26 - June 28, 2014 in Buffalo, NY

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Why should church leaders attend The Church's Role in Recovery training seminar?

1.    Nearly a third of all Americans abuse alcohol. Studies suggest over eight percent of all Americans use illicit drugs. These figures suggest a critical need for the church to be involved in helping people recover.

2.    In recovery, these people are encouraged to connect with "a higher power." Even though many of them are suspicious of the institutional church, they hunger for spiritual support.

3.    Besides alcohol and drugs many people seek to recover from other dependencies, such as gambling, sex and overeating to name only three.

4.    For every addicted person there are friends and family members affected by their addictions. These people need the church's understanding and help as well.

5. The late Episcopal layman and author, J. Keith Miller suggested that all of us are addicted. The late Gerald May, MD made a similar statement. All of us can benefit from the wisdom of the Twelve Steps.

Gathering Information and Registration

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