The Second Six Steps to solve life’s problems without our addictive substance *

06/26/2019 8:06 PM | Anonymous
  • Step Seven – Seek comfort from your Higher Power

Ofttimes we have talked to our sponsor, attended more meetings … all the familiar and usually effective steps. But sometimes, it is going to take more to successfully manage your anxiety of the impact of the problem on your serenity. In that case (or before) consult your Higher Power through prayer and meditation. What is that Power saying, what is the next right thing to do. 

  • Step Eight – Identify persons involved and decide if an amend from you will aid the anxiety.

Often, there are a number of people involved and it may be a situation where through no fault of your own, they view you a cause of all or part of the problem. Make a list and ask, “What if anything can I do to lessen their antagonism toward me?” … or to bring relief to those involved?… and be willing to undertake that action.

  • Step Nine – But plan what the amend will be or what is said and review it with your sponsor.

Perhaps above all, you don’t want to make an amend or correct a situation if your action will hurt them or other innocent persons. …. Don’t make an amend which merely seeks to shift responsibility but be frank and assume responsibility for your actions. Honesty is always the best policy.

  • Step ten – Review your plan.

Sometimes it will take time to relieve your anxiety or to solve the problem that has been haunting you. This is not a seldom occurrence for you are dealing with really difficult situations. So, review its status and effectiveness of your plan with your sponsor. Watch out for surprise reactions to what you are undertaking and make the adjustment if needed … and watch out for those awkward unintended consequences.

  • Step Eleven – Stay in touch with your Higher Power and exercise your spiritual life.

We need to be aware of the health of our spiritual life, that “constant contact.” Remember that you are searching for the right answer, the Will of your Higher Power in the matter, and the power to carry it out. New facts emerge or become more important than what you anticipated.

  • Step Twelve – Keep a journal and share it with discretion.

Others may be struggling. Share your process.  Be grateful for the Program and its Steps.

*Once again, with humble apologies to Bill W. and Dr. Bob and to the millions who use the Steps to recovery from their addiction.
-Jim A. Covington, Kentucky

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