Sobriety Coins

03/11/2020 9:36 PM | Anonymous

The season of Lent calls for an emphasis on strengthening and a renewal of the spirit-filled life and the call to seek the Will of God in all we do.   

I was talking recently with a person who found the Program about the time I did and daily attended the same meeting, “St. X Noon.” We both remembered the faces which meant so much to both of us Rob, Mike, Dick, David, and so forth without their words, and depth of their feelings, we both acknowledged we may not have “made it.”

Some time ago, a friend jokingly poked me, “Do you still go to ‘those meetings?’ to which I, who suffered the pain of a couple long-ago relapses, said, “If I don’t renew my AA Experiences each day, I weaken my Program and may find myself asking, ‘Gee, it’s been a long time, one won’t hurt. I don’t want to forget how close we all are to slipping back onto that merry-go-round called “addiction.’

This is a harsh reality we all face. We must continue to search for an experience with the Program each day go to a meeting or two, a re-reading of a chapter in the Big Book, calling your sponsor and reaching out to someone looking for a sponsor, an active regular time for meditation, a time of quiet contemplation, or writing a hopefully enlightening meditation for a Program newsletter.

This is the Christian time of Lent.  We strive to find a bit more quietness a time for meditation. Perhaps we attend services or special study gatherings at our church or parish.

So, here’s to a happy Sobriety Date, remembering that each day we must quietly recognize our path to recovery and renew our commitment to the Program’s path.

Jim A/Covington, Kentucky

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