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I am a recently retired priest, and also a card-carrying, dues-paying codependent in recovery. I am also Chair of the Board of Directors of a small residential recovery home for women. Working with these women, I see miracles all the time, as Susan A. said on 7/29. Here is one of those miracles, written by a meth addict with just 60 days clean. -Martha Kreamer

(Written by current resident and 
used by permission)

It starts at a House on 27 acres,
Letting go of the past.
Becoming friends with 10 strangers.
Suddenly we experience many life changes.
Mornings filled with devotions,
Days, with up and down emotions.
“Rising Above” and making mistakes:
A life or death situation, so do whatever it takes.
Anxiety begins when we look at the future.
Then the term, “just for today,” is crucial.
It all boils down to Faith or Fear.
Get it together, girl; go after that career.
Once baby addicts, now starting to grow,
The person we should be is starting to show.
We have let go of lying, cheating, stealing.
Learning to laugh again, and laughter is healing.
Fight hard to find your Voice,
Cause at the end of the day,
It is still a choice.


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    Well said, faithful traveler, a new life, a hope for the future, and a forgiveness for the past.
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